Click the top right "Signup" to start the MVA-Approved Online Driver Education Programs offered by DRIVERS EDU.COM DRIVING SCHOOL. Questions: call (410) 764-1133

Please complete the online class within 30 days after signing up. Idle users will be deactivated after 30 days.
After you have completed the online class, please:


go to to schedule a final exam online


or call (410) 764-1133 to schedule a final paper exam to get the official certificate. 
The online class is user friendly and very flexible; you can complete all modules or just 1 or 2 modules each time.  When you log in next time, you can resume from where you were last time. 
For a better learning experience, view the online class on a computer or an iPad.
Pay attention to the quiz at the end of each module, read questions carefully make sure you do right the first time (passing grade is 80%, otherwise you need to review the same module and do the quiz again).